Four Great Reasons to hire the Mirror Booth at your Event.

Updated: Apr 29

You are at an event, seeing the photo booth in use, and you have always wondered if you would need a photo booth at your own party. Well, the answer is YES! There are so many merits, but we will discuss some benefits of having our mirror booth at your wedding.

The latest trend are Photo Booths

As the social media culture grows with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat culture, photo booths grow with it! The new way of sharing pictures have become a key direction as to why many couples have decided to budget in a hire of a photo booth, to take care of the special moments that happen once for many people. Many people don't get to see the photographer's photos after the event, but with the Mirror Booth, they have a fun, instant photo momento to take home. Make as many weird and fun faces as you want, put on hats, glasses or masks, that is what it is there for! With a great camera, great background and a great group of people, the demand for photo booths are growing rapidly!

Fun and Games for the All These days guests expect to have a DJ, dance floor, photographer and food to munch on, but where is the real entertainment for the guests? Point your guests to the Mirror Booth and let them smile and laugh their way right into an sociable conversation in front of a modern backdrop to make some fun photos creating new friendships all while taking crazy pictures!

Not only can guests take as many photos as they please, but they also take the hilarious shots to keep in their memories.

Creative Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a small gift to say thank you to your guests for their love and support, and they should be special for your wedding guests. You will remember the day you exchanged vows and with a mirror booth, each of your guests will take home a personalised photo to remind them of the special day you married your best friend.

An Online Gallery that is Password Protected

The mirror booth isn’t just a great entertainment option, it’s also a fantastic way to save the precious memories of your wedding all in one place. The photos will be in a private downloadable online gallery that you and all of your guests will have access to check out all the crazy photos.


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